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Author Interviews

Author Interview: Ann Leary

If you haven't read Ann Leary's books, you need to! She's real and relatable and tells it like it is in her new book of essays, I've Tried Being...
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Author Interviews

Author Spotlight: Julee Balko

Julee Balko is the author of two women’s fiction novels with a third on the way! She...
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Laurie Gelman
Meet Laurie Gelman, a fellow Canadian, TV personality/broadcaster, and writer of humorous women's fiction - The Class Mom series.
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Thought You Were Too Old for a Tattoo? Think Again.

Who says tattoos are just for the young and restless? These days, older women are...
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Author Interviews

Author Interview: Ann Leary

If you haven't read Ann Leary's books, you need to! She's real and relatable and...
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Author Interviews

Author Interview: Clare Pooley

Meet New York Times Bestselling author, Clare Pooley, and learn more about her writing journey...
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It's Just My Opinion

The Sandwich Generation: Are You Part of It?

Caught between the responsibilities of aging parents and adult children lies the sandwich generation, where...
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Author Interviews

Author Spotlight: Peggi Davis

Meet Peggi Davis, author of Funny Face. Her second book, Rewind Ranch just released in...
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Books and More With Jewish Ladies: Spotlight

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Sylvia Jacobs, founder of Books and More with...
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Out in the World Soon: And Now There’s Zelda

In the world of literature, few milestones are as thrilling as the launch of a...
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Author Interviews

Author Interview: T W Bristol

My favorite new author....T.W. Bristol (Terri Wagener Bristol) is an accomplished playwright and screenwriter. She...
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Author Interviews

Author Spotlight: Zibby Owens

Meet Zibby Owens, author of the very funny and heart-warming novel Blank (Little A March...
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Good Finds

Add Some Peace and Tranquility (Zen Moments) into Your Daily Routine

In our chaotic world filled with more beeps, buzzes, and blares than a malfunctioning carnival,...
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Thinking positive about aging and embracing it can be challenging and exhausting even on the best of days. But cheer up. There are plenty of interesting articles and tips on how we can learn and train our minds and body to be on our sides. And maybe that’s the secret to positive aging…no matter where we are with our daily diet, routine and lifestyle!

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