Why I Still Blog After Ten Years

I was forty-six years old when I created bloggingmidlife.com. I wanted to use writing and the blog to touch other people’s hearts. Ten years ago, I was convinced that those who were going through midlife felt confused and possibly alone. Perhaps we could all benefit from some type of connection through the written word? My hope was that sharing my experiences in a vulnerable and light-hearted manner could convey a feeling of love and acceptance. If I could reach even one person then my writing meant something. It’s that intention that still encourages me to write today.

Consistency is Key But Not Perfection

This month, the site reached its ten-year anniversary. I’ve been fairly consistent, but there were years, especially during the pandemic, when I couldn’t find the heart to put words down. Living in a divided world and trying to keep my family safe took so much out of me and any readers I had. There was no more normal, so writing as if life was still normal, seemed disingenuous and fruitless. During this time, I also left many social media platforms in order to protect my heart from the division and toxic posts that were common. I withdrew and wrapped my arms around my family and wrote few posts in 2020. It wasn’t perfect but I’ve pushed through these ten years because of my first intention – to touch one person with one post at a time.

What About Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is really one big glob of fear and doubt. When writing a blog to a certain audience, you need to identify topics that truly resonate. For me, those topics included parenting, midlife changes, and renewing your purpose. Those posts were easy to write. It’s important to avoid repetitive themes, and after ten years I have to dig deeper into my own truths. Telling people that my body is betraying me or explaining how my husband working from home drives me crazy are the types of posts that are honest and resonate. It looks like there will be more vulnerability in my future.

What’s Next?

Recently my mother said I should change the site from bloggingmidlife to bloggingmidlife-ish. I have aged ten years, my children are grown and the old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be! I’ve realized this year that living my life and having real experiences and connections will also supply content for my writing. I’m working on stretching outside of my comfort zone. Today, midlife is a hot topic and going back onto my site to update older posts will keep them relevant. No matter what kind of blog or book you write, if you tune into what people are feeling, people that could be readers, then you can’t go wrong.

My Why

If you understand yourself and why you want to do something, then fulfillment will follow. My “why” was to touch one person at a time, not to have thousands of followers or become an influencer. It is my belief that we all have the ability to learn, inspire and reach our potential. If you are true to your intention and your “why,” then other things will follow. I hope that you’ll visit my page, connect with me and share general feedback!