Books and More With Jewish Ladies: Spotlight

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sylvia Jacobs, founder of Books and More with Jewish Ladies!

Over the past few years, Facebook groups like Books and More with Jewish Ladies have grown in numbers and in popularity. Readers and authors have the ability to foster community and engagement. It’s expansion reflects a broader trend of people seeking out niche communities online where they can share interests and supports each other’s endeavors. 

Just as Sylvia. She’s connected with readers and authors, setting up in her own little corner of the ever-growing book world.

If you’re looking for a detailed review of your book and for it to be posted on several sites including Books and More with Jewish Ladies, then connect with Sylvia on Facebook here

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Here’s a short interview with Sylvia and how she got started:

What inspired you to dive into the world of books with readers and writers and to become a freelance reviewer?

My father worked as a librarian and bought the book titled Aesop’s Fables home for me to read and enjoy. I was so thrilled to read all the stories and morals at the end of each story. My love of reading started right at that time of the age of eight years old.  All I wanted to do was to have a job that required reading books and retelling all I could about that book or books. If I really fell in love with a book I wanted to let the author know that their book made an impression upon me.

Tell us more about Books and More with Jewish Ladies’ mission/goals.

My mission for the group Books And More With Jewish Ladies on Facebook is to help authors spread the word about their book or books in the hope of the author selling as many books as possible. My mission is to spread the word to the libraries so that everyone has a chance to read the books of the authors. My goal is also trying to create different ways to help connect the readers to the authors.

What made you decide to join 36 different Facebook groups? How are they similar and different? 

I am always joining many groups to connect with anything that is bookish, since I love reading so much. Each group offers similar things as it pertains to books and allowing one to share what one read in the group. Some groups are different as they focus only on a specific genre.

What is your favorite genre to read and review? Why?

I think my favorite genre is Women’s Literary Fiction/Drama. I love a book that has so much action and drama in it. It makes the book quite a page turner and quite exciting.

Any advice you’d like to give to women who might be looking at reinventing themselves? 

It is never too late to do something you love. I started reading and reviewing in the middle of my life. Never give up on your dream.

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