Where to start? There’s a plethora of sites out there on a variety of topics for women of all ages. But for now, let’s just focus on the ageing lover of ‘chick lit’ – a.k.a. hen lit, meno lit, hag lit (oh, dear), middleage lit, matron lit, and boomer lit. There’s no shortage of names here. I get it. I really do. It comes down to marketing. But marketers, why not just put all these clever little tags (which might be an insult to some) under one big positive sounding name. They all relate to the same genre featuring older and wiser ‘women’,  written with a lighthearted and slightly humorous tone, don’t they? 

What about ‘freed lit’? There’s a sense of ‘relaxed responsibility and increased freedom’ as perks of getting older. But that’s not it. We’re freed to explore, whether that means becoming a creative or a crusader. And in some ways, we’re freed from obsessing over beauty – it’s a lot of work, and besides, we look good naturally (or so they say).

Or how about ‘dame lit’? Why? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, a ‘dame’ is a woman of rank, station or authority. And c’mon on girls, we’ve earned it, haven’t we? 

What do you think?

Not much we can do about it right now, so here are a few recommended sites and other good stuff to find great reads and reviews for the ‘over 40’ chick lit book lover. 

Book Lists and Reviews

These sites are kinda like a ‘one-stop’ shop for anyone needing some recommendations for their next book pick.

AMAZON: Best Sellers for women’s fiction
BEST ONLINE: 40 books every women should have on her bookshelf
BOOKS FOR OLDER WOMEN: Recommendations for women in mid-life and beyond (UK)
BOOK RIOT: 11 new chicklit books for anyone who misses Bridget Jones
THE WOMENS PRIZE FOR FICTION –The best books in 2023

JOEL’S BOOKS: Top 12 Chicklit Books
SHEPARD – The 100 Best Women’s Fiction books for 2023
GOODREADS: The biggest site to look for your next book
GOODREADS: This page takes you to books for women over 45 💗
– Best Chicklit Books 2023
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: 20 best fiction books to read
HUFFINGTON POST: Books from the last 7 years every woman should read
PAPERBACK SWAP: 91 funny chicklit books ever
PAPERBACK SWAP: A list of 26 henlit books
I NEED BOOKS ONLINE: Best chicklit books
SIXTY AND ME: Books recommendations for women over 60
WHAT SHOULD I READ NEXT?: A booklist about older women

Beach Books

Just because they’re light and fun doesn’t mean you have to be on a beach with a cocktail in hand. These books can be devoured anywhere after a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But nothing too heavy, please.

GOODREADS: Best Beach Books 2023
COUNTRY LIVING: Best Beach Books
THE EVERYGIRL: A round up of best beach books
THE OPRAH MAGAZINE: 28 best reads of 2019 that belong in your beach bag 💗
REFINERY 29: The ultimate beach read bucket list
VULTURE: The 100 greatest beach reads


Books clubs are great for getting together and drinking wine…oops I mean…discussing books. They can be serious or as quirky as you want them to be as long as the book your group chooses is a good one. And if there’s no blood drawn during the discussions and debates, being part of one can be emotionally and mentally stimulating and a fun way to meet and connect with literary minded women like yourself.

BEST PRODUCTS: Oprah’s book club picks
BUSTLE: 11 stellar book club picks  updated
INDIGOBest books for book clubs
NEVER ENOUGH BOOKS: Book club recommendations
THOUGHTCO: Book club reading list

Start Your Own Book Club

BOOKCLUBZ: An online platform to help organize your own book club
BOOK RIOT: How to start a book club that doesn’t suck

CHATELAINE: Start your own book club
LIT LOVERS: 10 steps to start a book club
OPRAH: How to start your own book club

Read Along With the Stars

(Some picks (I’m talking books here) may or may not be your cup of tea)

ASHLEY SPIVEY: Ashley Spivey Reads A Lot
EMMA ROBERTS: Belletrist
EMMA WATSON: Our Shared Shelf 
LENA DUNHAM: Lenny Letter
MINDY KALING: Follow her favorite picks on social media
OPRAH WINFREY: Oprah’s book club
REESE WITHERSPOON: Reese’s Book Club x Hello Sunshine 💗

SARAH JESSICA PARKER: Honorary Chair for Book Club Central

Do you have a favorite site you’d like to share?