Five Spring 2022 Reading Picks!

In the next few months, I hope to get at these books while enjoying a little downtime from the madness of spring cleaning. After all, they been touted as Some of the Most Anticipated Books of 2022 – besides And Then There’s Margaret…I can only hope!

Here they are, and in no particular order:

THE ODYSSEY, by the well-known and talented Lara Williams, has caught my attention. While I haven’t had a chance to dig too deep into the plot summary, the reviews say it all. As soon as I read the phrases “slyly humorous” and “utterly sharp and brilliant”, I pre-ordered it via Amazon. And yes, I’m also a fan of Sally Rooney (Conversations with Friends) and Sayaka Murata’s very quirky yet intelligent novel Convenience Store Woman. I will also admit, the book cover’s vibrant color and fun looking graphic caught my eye after seeing it on Goodread’s 2022 most anticipated books.

“Tantalizing. . . . Readers who enjoy Melissa Broder and Ottessa Moshfegh will appreciate this surreal trip through a troubled woman’s psyche.” –Booklist

Coming April 2022. Get THE ODYSSEY here!

I like funny. I like sad. Sounds like this book by Annie Hartnett has both in this “tragicomic” (new genre name for me) novel about the very real opioid crisis in one small town. The novel’s title Unlikely Animals is intriguing in itself along with the artistic cover – are those foxes? I look forward to reading this novel about familial expectations, imperfect people (and relationships) as well discovering that there might be some light and forgiveness at the end. The theme would definitely be my kind of movie, let’s see if it’s my kind of book!

“This tragicomic novel is heartfelt, touching, and delightfully quirky. You’ll fall in love with the offbeat cast of characters (both living and dead) and find yourself rooting for them right through the last page.”—Good Housekeeping (Book Club pick)

Coming April 2022 – Get UNLIKELY ANIMALS here!

As soon as I heard Marilyn Simon Rothstein had another book coming out, I jumped for joy! In case you haven’t heard of her, she’s the author of one of my favorite fun read books, Husbands and Other Sharp Objects. This one, Crazy to Leave You is supposed to be just as witty and big hearted. And it completely fits in with Henlit Central’s crowd – over 40. Smarter. Older. And still fun! I look forward to posting an author interview with Marilyn Simon Rothstein soon and getting to know her main character, Lauren, a forty-one-year-old who finds a second chance with love and success in the most unexpected place.

“A heartfelt, delicious story.” ―Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Magnolia Palace

Coming May 2022 – Get CRAZY TO LEAVE YOU HERE here!

Praised as one of the most iconic writers of our time, Jennifer Egan –  winner of the Pulitzer Prize  (read a great review here!), has written a new novel that sounds interesting to me. In a nutshell, the main character, Bix Bouton, stumbles into an intriguing conversation about some kind of experiments of downloading memories and the creation of alternate worlds. He’s a father of four and restless so decides to pursue this (after all, he owns a tech company) and creates a new technology (10 years later) that allows you to access and share every memory you’ve ever had, plus, with an exchange, the memories of others. How cool is that? It’s a completely different book for me however it’s not far from what I like to watch on TV when I want a wild and exhilarating escape. Reminds me of Inception (which still boggles my mind) or something like the Matrix? It sounds brilliant and looking forward to putting it on my reading list – or at least on my husband’s. I know he’d like it!

The Candy House is a bold, brilliant imagining of a world that is moments away. Egan takes to stunning new heights her “deeply intuitive forays into the darker aspects of our technology-driven, image-saturated culture” – Vogue

Coming April 2022 – Get THE CANDY HOUSE here!

And last but not least, Sicker in the Head by Judd Apatow. Why? Because I had a glance at the first book, Sick in the Head and promised myself I’d buy it but then forgot. When I saw this one come up, I immediately put it on my spring reading list. I think I’ll enjoy reading the conversations with some of the funniest in the comedy world! Judd Apatow is an amazing writer and producer to boot – I’ve watched ALL of Judd Apatow’s movies with sheer delight – Knocked Up, This is 40, The 40-Year-Old Virgin…the list goes on. Looking forward to some laughs and learning more about this ever changing, and not to mention, challenging landscape for the world of comedians – it can’t be easy in this day and age. Ahem.

“When I need to read an interview with a comedian while in the bathroom, I always turn to Judd Apatow for deeply personal insights into the comedic mind. Place one on your toilet today.”—Amy Schumer

Just Released – Get SICKER IN THE HEAD here!

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