Out in the World Soon: And Now There’s Zelda

In the world of literature, few milestones are as thrilling as the launch of a new book! Even if it’s just my second, this excitement is doubled as I prepare And Now There’s Zelda to be successfully launched into the world on May 9 2024! Anticipation is building inside of me, but so is dread‚ÄĒthe dread that comes with disappointed readers and a lackluster response to its story, characters, and overall writing.
However, as an author brimming with pride and enthusiasm after captivating readers with my debut novel (mine being And Then There’s Margaret) and early readers in the pre-launch phase of my And Now There’s Zelda, it’s exciting to have fans and literary enthusiasts, and of course, to attract and captivate more. The anticipation is reaching fever pitch, knowing my book will be on online bookshelves across the world.
For everyone out there who has written a book, whether you’re new, aspiring, or seasoned in this industry, knowing you have completed another book from the initial inspiration to the countless hours spent crafting characters and weaving intricate plotlines with dedication, perseverance, and creativity makes this journey and end goal truly worth it. It really is a mix of relief and elation at the same time.
I have so many to thank along the way, especially my family who had to endure a lot of pizza nights.
To those who are eagerly awaiting And Now There’s Zelda, the wait is almost over. I hope you enjoy it.
Please leave your honest review if you can. Reviews and feedback, as I have learned, mean everything to a writer.
And please feel to contact me. You know where I am, most of the time ūüėČ 
Thank you for reading,



PS. I’ll let you know how it all goes!

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